Barry M. Moriarty Student Paper Co-Winner, 2014


Marian Manic, Ph.D. Candidate, Moore  School of Business, University of South Carolina

Paper Title: “The Impact of Remittances on Regional Consumption and Investment in Moldova"

Faculty Sponsor: Douglas P. Woodward, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

Marian is an Economics Ph.D. candidate at University of South Carolina were he is doing research in the fields of regional and international economics, with an emphasis on the impact of remittances on economic growth and development. His research fields also include urban economics, macroeconomics, international monetary economics, and political economy. Marian has taught courses in economics and finance at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has participated in various research projects led by Dr. Douglas P. Woodward at the USC Division of Research. In addition to the academic and research experience, Marian also holds an International MBA degree from USC and has professional experience in corporate finance and management consulting.