The William H. Miernyk Research Excellence Medal

2005 marked the first presentation of "The William H. Miernyk Research Excellence Medal." The Medal (http://www.rri.wvu.edu/miernykresearchmedal.htm) was presented at the annual SRSA meeting April 2005 in Arlington, VA. Bill's health would not permit him to travel to the meeting. Instead, an audio/video was produced (of about 10 minutes of Bill's comments, see below) for the special session in Bill's honor, to mark the inaugural of the Medal presentation.

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Below are pics of the special session honoring William H. Miernyk at the the SRSA/MCRSA meeting in Arlington. Click on the thumbnail to see the full image.

You may wish to view pics of the small reception honoring Bill Miernyk in Morgantown, WV prior to the SRSA meeting. Click here for pics of that event.

Session participants

DISCUSSANTS: Douglas Brown, Cynthia Rogers, Frank Giarratani, Fred Yeager, Charles Gallagher, Michael Spinelli, & Randy Jackson

Former Miernyk students, Frank Giarratani and Doug Brown

Miernyk group poster

Miernyk poster






Professor Miernyk
90th birthday pic